Our next event will be taking place November 10/11 2018 in Hamilton. This course will be one of our Service Hiring Preparation Courses to cover what to expect and to get you hands on experience to make sure YOU are ready!

We are also always looking to get new tutoring clients and look forward to working with you, or your group to practice any skills or go over any topics you are struggling with.

Please go to the COURSES tab above in order to register your seat for our course and contact us at info@medicsense.ca for any more info!


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At Medic Sense, paramedic student success is our main focus! We want to be the place to go for all of your questions as well as professional development and practice resources. Paramedic Student courses in Burlington, Niagara Region, and the GTA will be offered throughout the year. We invite you to follow our social media pages to keep up to date on current events in the profession, both in the province and world-wide.