/ our story

Medic Sense was created to be a community and environment for paramedic students and recent graduates to come together and work with each other to share information to become the best they could be. We want to see the success of everyone who sets out to accomplish their goals, and through our courses and resources we believe it is possible. Our team works hard ensuring accurate information is provided as well as all material being current in order to give you the upper hand in gaining employment as well as becoming certified.

/ our vision

Medic Sense is a new place to find information regarding current legislation, methods, and news in the world of paramedics in Ontario. We want to become the leader in student engagement and have a hand in the successful hiring and provincial certification of every person who uses our services. Through our delivery of courses, tutoring, and online resources, we believe that there is no reason why our clients will not be able to find what they need to be able to begin a long and rewarding career in the field of paramedicine.