Staying Sharp

It is important to be ready go to go for any call that will come in at any time on shift as we have no idea what to expect. Below are links to some of our favourite practice resource sites. Please ensure you use them to stay sharp as well as keep an eye out for upcoming resources as they are developed!
If you know of some great sites or think that something you have would be a great addition to this page then let us know and we will look into it.

Scenario Style Questions

Every week we will post a scenario related to something going on with current issues being noted in the field that will spark discussion from our users as well as provide answers from a broad range of sources. Please follow the link to our Facebook group to be able to see and interact with the posts!

ECG Analysis Practice

There are always those calls when the monitor will display something that is not routine. The story we give the hospital staff and the decisions they make can rely heavily on ensuring we are always giving the most accurate information. ECG’s are carried by many services and are a great tool in the field when the user is confident and well trained in understanding their meanings.

Use the below link to the Skill Stat ECG simulator to stay sharp on ECG determination.


ECG Simulator


Lung And Heart Sounds Practice

Littmann stethoscopes are regarded as the best in the business and are used by anyone from paramedics on scene, to nurses in the hospital and physicians in the practice. It is great having such amazing tools for us on the road, but it doesn’t mean much if we aren’t able to identify those sounds we seek. 3M has a great tool to help identify the different things we may come across and will allow us to more accurately diagnose and treat the symptoms.

Chest Sound Practice