Drop-In Scenario Session Pass (3-hours)


$90.00 $75.00

Access Pass to our Drop-In Scenario Sessions in order to participate and stay sharp with current PCP protocols.



We will be doing scenarios and skills for those who are just entering a program and would like to see what to expect, students who have just completed the equivalence of a first-year program and are just beginning to learn the ALS directives, and then into students who have completed the PCP Diploma and have a full understanding and grasp on the ALS and BLS directives and are AEMCA certified or pending.

These sessions have been discussed for a while and have a lot of support from many members of the EMS community as they will help to provide a missing service. We are excited to give continuous support to current students to allow them extra practice, as well as give recent graduates who may be searching for work to keep their skills up to date and provide a comfortable learning and training environment that provides feedback and direction.


These sessions will be in 3-hour blocks and confirmation to attend the event is required through e-mail or facebook confirmation in response to the event date.


All dates and times will be reflected on our facebook page!