A-EMCA Preparation Course


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Next In-Class Delivery:

April 27th and April 28th, 2019 at McMaster University in Hamilton

Delivery Method:

In-Class Delivery and Online Access


The Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (A-EMCA) examination is the Ministry of Health certification exam required to practice as a Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario. The exam is a full day and will test applicants on pathology, physiology, medical-legal, anatomy, and protocols learned through the PCP College program.

We at Medic Sense want to give you a full review and go through practice questions and answer any other concerns you may have as the date for your examination approaches! Our team is all A-EMCA Certified and Base Hospital certified paramedics, who continually update our course content to ensure that we are covering the most up-to-date information and giving you everything you need to ensure your success in this stressful event.

Course Length:

This course will be run over the course of an entire weekend, we will use full days of instruction, having our in-class hours of 8 am – 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend listed on our registration section. We will allow you to take the examinations home with you to assist with your studying and note taking is highly encouraged to get the most out of the weekend!

We look to use this time in order to go over the main body systems and their function, as well as the common diseases and injuries that are seen most commonly in EMS. Anatomy, physiology, drug protocols, medical-legal concerns, and everything in between that you have been learning throughout your education and consolidation. Our daily schedules will be broken down on the first day of the course to ensure you are able to be prepared for what information will be covered!

Beginning in 2019, we will be introducing the online quizzing available as an extra study tool. It will be hosted through the website quizlet and will divide questions into different topics, allow you to use the flash cards we have created, and build custom quizzes with real-time results. This will be included at no extra cost and the course information for log-in will be provided at the course!

Success Rate:

Our team places the highest priority on ensuring that our clients are successful in their exam. Whether it is the first attempt and you are wanting to everything you can to get it done the first time, or if you have had some past struggles and want to try a different approach, we are the best option available to get you ready to write and PASS!

Through the last year, we have had 87% of our students pass the A-EMCA examination on the next attempt directly following our course!

We are committed to your success, we offer a 100% Pass Guarantee. If you are not successful, we will continue to work with you for free until you do pass the A-EMCA Exam!